The Band

Lindsey Buckingham Palace (LBP) is Washington DCs’ premier rock band. What began as a power pop trio in 2011, quickly morphed into a full force rock group in 2012.  Marc Rothschild (bass), the band’s only remaining original member, rebuilt the band after a parting of ways in 2012. With roots based in funk, rock, and blues and influences spanning the decades from the 60’s through today, LBP‘s members have recreated the sounds of days past with their distinct style, and continue to pack venues with their kick ass live performances.

Mark Minicucci (lead guitar), and Mike Hill (rhythm guitar and lead vocals), come to the band as best friends.  Having played music together for more than 20 years, their influence on the band has been profound, giving LBP it’s new sound and guiding the bands path for writing songs collectively.  Mark’s blues based style and face-melting solos lend themselves perfectly to the catchy, hooked-filled songs.  Mike’s wide-ranging vocal ability and rythmic guitar playing help bring each song to another level.

In March of 2015, Ron (“Ronnie Pockets”) Kirkland introduced his signature heavy rock and funk-infused style to the group. Ron brings enthusiasm, inspiration and an air of professionalism, helping the band write new songs and put on high-energy shows in the local DC music scene.

LBP plays hard hitting rock and roll music.  Bottom line.

The Players


Mike Hill

Lead Vocals, Rythym Guitar


Mark Minicucci

Lead Guitar


Marc Rotscdhild

Backing Vocals, Bass


Made Ployamornrat

Percussion, Drums

The Tunes

The Videos

The Photos

The Gigs

July 24th, 2015The Velvet LoungeWashington, DC
June 7th, 2015Celebrate FairfaxFairfax, VA
June 6th, 2015IOTAArlington, VA
May 23rd, 2015Hometown HolidaysRockville, MD
February 27th, 2015Jammin’ JavaVienna, VA
January 6th, 2015Jammin’ JavaVienna, VA
November 15th, 2014Rock & Roll HotelWashington DC
November 8th, 2014The Green IslandWashington DC
October 12th, 2014Courthouse Craft Beer FestivalWashington DC
October 11th, 2014The Green IslandWashignton, DC
September 14th 2014Adams Morgan DayWashington, DC
August 28th 2014DC9Washington, DC
August 2nd 2014The PinchWashington, DC
July 11th 2014IOTA Club & CafeArlington, VA
May 10th, 2014IOTA Club & CafeArlington, VA
Sept 14th, 2013Black WhiskeyWashington, DC
Sept 7th, 2013Adams Morgan DayWashington, DC
Sept 1st, 2013IOTA Club & CafeArlington, VA
July 22nd, 2013The Velvet LoungeWashington, DC
May 18th, 2013Club HeavenWashington, DC
May 17th, 2013Black WhiskeyWashington, DC
April 26th, 2013IOTA Club & CafeArlington, VA
Mar 14th, 2013Rock & Roll HotelWashington, DC
Feb 16th, 2013The Velvet LoungeWashington, DC
Feb 7th, 2013IOTA Club & CafeWashinton, DC